Bubble Cam - Troubleshooting

We're sorry you're having trouble... Lets look at a couple of things that seems to work in most cases.

Check to Make Sure You Have Java

We're using a Java script to have your browser pull the images.  If you have a new Windows PC, Microsoft no longer includes Java with their PCs so you'll have to download it (free) directly from http://java.com.   Anyway, if you don't have Java, the bubbles might actually be working but your browser might not be able to update the video.

If you are using a "popup blocker" - turn it off for the Bubblecam page.

We use a popup window to trigger the bubbles.  When you click the "Bubbles" button, our web page will pop up a window where the CGI script triggers the bubble machine.  If your system prevents popup windows, you won't be able to activate the bubble machine. 

It sometimes gets windy in the afternoons and the bubbles blow quickly off-camera.  If the plants are moving around in the wind, give it another try. 

Occasionally we have technical difficulties.   We usually catch it pretty quickly and get things going again.  Every once in a while, we forget to put bubble solution in the bubble machine.  Either way, try the "bubbles" button at least one more times waiting at least 60 second each try.  If you still don't see bubbles, contact us and tell us about your bubble trouble.  If you've had the patience to read this far down, he certainly won't mind chatting with you.


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