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Who We Are
This web site is the personal web site of Andie and Mike.  We've created this site to keep friends and family up-to-date on life in Florida after moving here from Missouri in 1999.

What Is On This Site

  • Garden Bubble Cam Started as a hobby, this page allows you to activate a bubble machine in our south Florida garden and watch the results live via web cam.  It has become quite popular and we regularly receive visitors from all over the world.  The interactive Bubblecam section of our site features pages showing how it was done, a bubble FAQ, visitor statistics, a "Bubble Survey" feedback form, and a page on troubleshooting should your PC have problems viewing the cam.
  • Online Recipe Database  Here is an online database of favorite recipe's from Andie, friends and family.  If you have a favorite recipe, you can add it to our database using our web posting form.  The database can be browsed by category.
  • Guest Book Thanks to the popularity of our Garden Bubble Cam, our guest book has been signed by people all over the world.  Check it out and be sure to sign it.
  • Our Photo Album This continues to grow.  Not only do we add new photos as events or occasions occur, we're also slowly converting all our old paper photos to digital images and posting those as well.  In fact, all the photos at the top of all our web pages are photos from our album.  Be sure to check out the 360 panoramic photos page.
  • Our Video Album We're just getting started with this so check back often.


Have fun and enjoy your visit.



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