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Welcome to our Video Album.  We're just getting started and only have a few videos but check back often as we're planning on adding more.

The Witches of Delray 2nd Annual Witch Ride for Charity

Andie's second year with the Witches of Delray. This year we mounted a GoPro on her "Broom" and made this video of their flight.



90 Minutes of Surf Fishing in 60 Seconds

Time lapse video of surf fishing during a sunrise on Delray Beach. We didn't catch any fish but Andie did some beach cleanup. A big shout out to and to find out how you can keep our beaches, waterways and planet clean. (Filmed October 21, 2013)



Andie Gets a GoPro Mount on Her Snorkel Mask

Andie's snorkel mask has been rigged with a custom GoPro mount (epoxy, dermal, etc) and she tries out the results snorkeling in the Florida Keys (Posted October 2, 2013)



Bubblecam Bee Removal

Unfortunately, due to safety concerns, Mike was forced to remove a bee colony that nested in the Bubblecam. This video shows the removal process.  (June 11th, 2011)



Our Latest Halloween Prop

In 2010, we added another prop to our collection of Halloween toys.  This year it was the "Flying Crank Ghost".


 Daytona Beach

The video below was taken from our hotel room when we took a long weekend in Daytona Beach.  We had a great view of the "Slingshot".


 The next day, Mike talked Andie into giving it a try... 





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