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Julie from Green Bay, WI wrote on October 31, 2020
Your page is delightful! Bubbles and tuxedo cats...Everything I didn't realize I needed today. Thank you!
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Katie Way from Canada, NL wrote on October 30, 2020
i love, this is so cute. Enjoy the bubbles from Canada!
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Chambo from Northampton , England wrote on October 20, 2020
Hope your staying safe!
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Anonymous from st louis wrote on October 10, 2020
thank you for this! hope y'all stay safe. cheers & lots of bubbles
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Anonymous from Binghamton, NY wrote on October 10, 2020
Thanks for the bubbles!
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The Ronster from Bean town, MA wrote on October 5, 2020
This is awesome during the day and night.
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Olivia from Johnson City, TN wrote on September 17, 2020
Love this cam!
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John from Longview, Washington wrote on September 14, 2020
Thank you for being there. I have enjoyed the bubbles for several years now and hope to enjoy them for many more. Stay Safe!
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May from Australia wrote on August 31, 2020
Well done guys! Keep up the great work.
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martithepro from Argentina wrote on August 30, 2020
Re rara esta pagina manitos, pero re piola
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Mike from Ft Myers wrote on August 26, 2020
Stopped by a few years ago, glad to see you still are up.....
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Clarice Bailey from Evansville, Indiana wrote on August 23, 2020
I found your bubble cam very entertaining, I loved being able to control the bubbles! Thank you!
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dave from cornwall, england wrote on August 19, 2020
i went looking for random webcams and this popped up on a list. this is amazing 🙂
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Matthew from wrote on August 9, 2020
Wow, found your site from youtube, and I thought what an interesting concept - I have to check this out! Thanks for sharing!
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Andy from Austria wrote on August 9, 2020
This site is internet history!! i remember checking this site out in 2000 on my iMac G3... man thank you guys for taking me back to a much, much easier and happier time!
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Andrea from México wrote on July 22, 2020

Desde hace ya muchos años que sigo esta páginas; está en mis favoritos y la visito cada que tengo oportunidad. Me hace muy feliz ver que sigue estando en pie el proyecto. Los felicito mucho por dar esta pequeña felicidad a a que puedo acudir cada que las cosas van mal. Espero estén muy bien de saludo y que todo esté bien en sus hogares. Stay safe!

I send you my best wishes!

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Gammz Stephie from Laureldale,PA wrote on July 17, 2020
Thankyou for still having the bubble cam going ! Hoping you're always safe and healthy! God Bless you and thanks again!! Awesome idea of sharing with the world and having people be able to interact while viewing live footage!!
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Priyatham U from Bangalore, India wrote on July 15, 2020
What a fun website 😀
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Alex from Virginia Beach, VA wrote on July 8, 2020
The bubble cam kept us sane, during a rather unusual time. Thank You!
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Gyuun wrote on July 1, 2020
i like these bubble, and i love salsa
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Chris wrote on June 23, 2020
Quality quarantine time well spent on this it was awhile since I got on here I'm so glad its still going.
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Yelena from Nottinghamshire wrote on June 13, 2020
I love your bubbles, they help me to remember to smile.
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Faye from Canterbury, UK wrote on June 8, 2020
Lovely bubbles!
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Bill hudson from Fort Worth wrote on May 23, 2020
Bubbles....very fascinating. I've been blowing bubbles now for 60+years.

For mathematical reference, bubbles are very complex objects when examined closely. They form connecting, ever-evolving, polygonal shapes.
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Shiann from California wrote on May 18, 2020
This is entertaining some reason xd
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