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Casper from Scotland wrote on June 9, 2023
Hey! Just discovered this and I gotta say this is the coolest thing I’ve ever seen. Sure not much happens but the bubble feature is genius!
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Latrale from Greenville Sc wrote on June 7, 2023
Ive been following for years and still one of my favorite things to do to make me feel better!
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Rozelle from Loughborough, UK wrote on June 5, 2023
Been following the bubblecam for over 20 years now and it still makes me smile!
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Joe from Mission Viejo, CA wrote on June 5, 2023
Always brings a little happiness, no matter what day you’re having.
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Suzi from Sydney, Australia wrote on May 25, 2023
Thank you for the fun of creating bubbles!!!!! There is enough negative in the world, a few seconds of bubble can keep us smiling πŸ™‚
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Jess from Victor, Idaho wrote on May 20, 2023
It's the little things that make me happy. Like THIS! Thanks:)
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Leandro from Maldonado, Uruguay wrote on May 16, 2023
Love from Uruguay πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Ύ 😊
My best wishes for you!
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Felix from Los Angeles wrote on May 10, 2023
Oh my god your cats are so cute! One ventured far out into the yard but the other stayed up in the top right corner of the camera feed. πŸ™‚
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Finalshare90 from Brazil, state of Sao Paulo wrote on May 9, 2023
Hello from brazil:)
I hope you guy are having a nice evening.
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janette from new norfolk tasmania australia wrote on May 5, 2023
lovely to visit again , thanks for the bubbles
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Istvan & Steve from Harrogate wrote on May 3, 2023
We pressed the bubbles button
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Lucas from Dijon (France) wrote on April 30, 2023
Such a simple thing, yet a beautiful one
If only more people on the web had concepts like this
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davechats from Michigan wrote on April 24, 2023
I try to come a few times a month. I have been coming to the site since the site was opened.
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Oscar the cat from United kingdom wrote on April 22, 2023
I keep coming back here every so often, when something reminds me to do so 😊
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xavi molina from barcelona, Spain wrote on April 21, 2023
vuelvo de vez en cuando desde hace unos cuantos aΓ±os ya, saludos y gracias por la iniciativa.
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Big Al from Jacksonville Fl wrote on April 12, 2023
Its been a while...but Im here again! Peace and Love to all.
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Purified from Hopewell wrote on April 10, 2023
I bubbled the cat
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Sue from Nottingham wrote on March 30, 2023
In a field in my caravan.
This is so weird and such fun.
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Mango wrote on March 30, 2023
this is so silly i love it so much bubble
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Jay and emilynn from Nottingham md wrote on March 24, 2023
I showed this to my two year old and she gigled for like a minute and kept hitting the button
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Helen from Tallinn, Estonia wrote on March 23, 2023
This is sooo cool! I discovered this fun site years and years ago and it is still going strong! And so nice to see support to Ukraine here. Just love this site.
All the best!!
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Julia from San Francisco wrote on March 16, 2023
I love the bubbles! Thank you for doing this.
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Viktor from Budapest, Hungary wrote on March 9, 2023
Checking back since 15 years continuously, still so awasome pushing the button - please keep the website alive forever (and also thanks moving it to WP that makes it futureproof.. πŸ™‚ )
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Izzy from Tonbridge wrote on March 8, 2023
Hi, I have to say this is my first time on your website and I absolutly LOVE it. Thanks for an amazing stream.
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Betty and Margaret (sisters) from Dewsbury West Yorkshire wrote on February 25, 2023
Just dropped by to say hello and show Margaret your bubblecam - nice cats
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