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Shaggy from Glendora, CA wrote on January 30, 2024
I gotta say, this is such a cool and unique idea! Its interesting all the different hits you get from all over the world. Something this simple yet fun and enjoyable that brings us back a little closer to each other and our humanity. Thank you for this. You are a truly good and kind people.
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Angie Barr from Niagara Falls wrote on January 23, 2024
I'm probably one of the very first entries in the guest book. I come back once or twice a year just to make sure everything's okay. For me, you are the beginning of the internet and I'm so glad there is one constant for me on this planet. Thank you Andie and Mike. Lots of love all the way from Niagara Falls Ontario Canada.
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Moose0408 from The Backrooms wrote on January 15, 2024
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paolo from a city near Brescia, Italy wrote on January 12, 2024
Ahhh so cool!! There was some kind of big white bird, a kind of heron I think, walking in the garden πŸ˜€
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Silvana from Novara wrote on January 7, 2024
Grazie per le bolle da così lontano. Bellissimo
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Rashid from Chicago wrote on January 5, 2024
been enjoying this website for many years. thank you for a fun, safe and sane place for people to visit!
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QuadRacer31 from Amite, Louisiana wrote on January 4, 2024
Found this years ago. Today, while cleaning my bookmarks out, I was reminded of how refreshing it is to see something positive online. THANK YOU Andie & Mike for making me smile this morning.
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Fernanda CS from Aquiraz wrote on January 4, 2024
I thought it was a happy and wonderful idea. We hope everyone uses common sense πŸ˜€
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shelley j from wolverhampton, england wrote on January 2, 2024
saw this on slapped ham on youtube and thought i would take a look my kids think its cool
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Will wrote on December 28, 2023
first found this site in 2017, glad to see its still here πŸ™‚
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paolo from a city near Brescia, Italy wrote on December 20, 2023
Day begins in a better way if you can shoot some bubbles πŸ™‚
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Danny from Vaughan, Canada wrote on December 19, 2023
I’m so happy this webcam is still on! Thank you for a small yet mighty burst of joy πŸ™‚
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paolo from a city near Brescia, Italy wrote on December 18, 2023
Bubbles!!! Thanks for made me smile
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Bubbles! wrote on December 17, 2023
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Ian from Pennslyvainia wrote on December 14, 2023
Great De-stresser for College! Gracias
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Ian from Pennslyvainia wrote on December 12, 2023
Thsnk you for the bubbles. very theraputic.

My only question is... how much do yall spend on bubbles a month

do the walmart employees recognize you?
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Dan Deioma from Chagrin Falls wrote on November 27, 2023
I like bubbles!
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Andrea from La Crosse wrote on November 21, 2023
This is so fun! What a great idea. Thank you.
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Lisa from Germany wrote on November 20, 2023
I've been coming here again and again for 20 years. It's nice to see that you're still here and the cam is still online! Thank you for being able to put a smile on my face even after 20 years!
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Kim from Purvis wrote on November 12, 2023
The best!!!
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Cynthia from HOWARD BEACH wrote on November 7, 2023

Just a heads up. Your bubbles page is experiencing errors and the camera's frame rate is lagging. You may wish to look into it.
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Thomas from Santa Barbara wrote on November 5, 2023
The bubbles are killin' the grass man!
BRB gonna do another blast.
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Lionel Hipkis from Manchester wrote on November 1, 2023
Mike is a great dude, works in software, makes amazing software. Andie loves witchy stuff, and a lovely lady also.

They bring bubbles to the world. OG heroes.
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Tate from Reno wrote on October 30, 2023
This is awesome I found my new daily habit
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Emmarose from New Orleans wrote on October 21, 2023
Have been blowing bubbles here for about 13 years now, and it’s always just as fun! <3
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