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Cynthia from HOWARD BEACH wrote on November 7, 2023

Just a heads up. Your bubbles page is experiencing errors and the camera's frame rate is lagging. You may wish to look into it.
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Thomas from Santa Barbara wrote on November 5, 2023
The bubbles are killin' the grass man!
BRB gonna do another blast.
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Lionel Hipkis from Manchester wrote on November 1, 2023
Mike is a great dude, works in software, makes amazing software. Andie loves witchy stuff, and a lovely lady also.

They bring bubbles to the world. OG heroes.
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Tate from Reno wrote on October 30, 2023
This is awesome I found my new daily habit
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Emmarose from New Orleans wrote on October 21, 2023
Have been blowing bubbles here for about 13 years now, and it’s always just as fun! <3
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Lonneke, Justin, Mischa en Marius from Oost-Souburg wrote on October 19, 2023
Hi! Very funny. Tnx!
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Izzy from Tonbridge wrote on October 12, 2023
Its windy today. Even though its 4 am
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Grant from Australia wrote on October 9, 2023
found this 15 years ago and thought id pop in to see if it was still avalaible,love your work!
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Anthony from Calgary wrote on October 6, 2023
Really cool site, I'm surprised to see it has existed for so long!
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felix from Queensland wrote on October 2, 2023
thank you for the bubbles! love from australia :3
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Lesley from Liskeard, Cornwall, UK wrote on October 2, 2023
Thank you for bubblecam. I think it was around twenty years or more that I first found it, and showed others what fun the internet could be. A couple of days ago I showed two of my grandchildren. I still felt as much joy as the first time.
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denis from rio de janeiro - brazil wrote on September 28, 2023
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Ceejay from Philippines wrote on September 25, 2023
Hi, I'm currently working on an all-nighter. It's been awhile since I've been here! I think I first knew about this during the pandemic. So thankful and I appreciate that you still have this! Lots of love from the Philippines <3.
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Tommy H from England wrote on September 22, 2023
Found this on Reddit and I love it, great website I’ve never thought that there would be a website like this but I’m happy there is.
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LUTHER from EL PASO wrote on September 19, 2023
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Naufal from Sumatra wrote on September 17, 2023
Thanks for letting me blow some bubbles on ur backyard lol
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Mischa from Terneuzen wrote on September 12, 2023
This is my virtual stressball, love it. Still coming here on a regular basis. Never fails to make me smile. You guys are the best
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Grace from Crookston MN wrote on September 5, 2023
LOL Thank you for the fun bubbles!! My kids and I got such a kick out of that.
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Moerunamida from Battle Creek wrote on September 4, 2023
Always come back here over and over through the years. Stress and worry about life, but blowing bubbles on this webcam just makes me smile and gives me a few seconds of serenity and child-like glee.
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leila from Florida, U.S. wrote on September 2, 2023
i will always come back to this page
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Mark from Paris, France wrote on August 31, 2023
Thanks for spreading joy for absolutely no reason at all. You folks are awesome.
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Vish from Langley, British Columbia wrote on August 30, 2023
For some unknown reason seeing these bubbles always brings me a smile. Thank you for doing this for so long.
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Justin from Randburg,South Africa wrote on August 25, 2023
Love the bubblecam! Can only but make you smile. Best Wishes from South Africa 🇿🇦
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pengui from tor wrote on August 22, 2023
Stumbled on this. Cool!
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bent from malang wrote on August 17, 2023
hm... menarik
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