Bubble Statistics

Since our bubble machine was first attached to the Internet on January 29, 2001, you can view the number of button clicks and where around the world our viewers come from.

Bubble clicks fall into two categories now, but in the early years, there were three. The categories are:

  • Successful activations: Nobody else’s bubbles were using the machine, and viewers got to blow bubbles.
  • Concurrent Attempts: Someone attempted to blow bubbles while the bubble machine was busy blowing bubbles for another viewer.
  • After Dark Attempts: For the first 10 years, our camera didn’t operate in the dark, so we blocked the bubble machine from being activated after dark. This is no longer the case since we’ve upgraded to a night-vision camera and have gone 24 hours. However, based on the first 10 years, this still accounts for a fair amount of bubble button clicks.


Last 50 Button Clicks

Interactive Bubble Graphs by Year

Bubbles by Country

Bubbles by Continent