Graphs By Year

You can view a graph of Bubblecam activity by year by selecting the year below.

Viewing Tips:

  • Hover your mouse over the graph to see details in the caption below the graph.
  • We often go viral resulting in a noticable spike on the graph. If a small numbered square appears:
    • PC: Hover the mouse over it to see a comment regarding why we went viral.
    • Tablet or Phone: Tap the square to see the comment.
  • For PC users only, you can highlight a range on the graph to zoom in. Double-click the graph to return to the unzoomed state.
  • The numbered square also referres to a list at the below the graph where you can see the information and occasionally click a link to the article or publication / video that helped us go viral.
  • We lost two years of log files due to file corruption so 2010 and 2011 don’t show any activity. Ooops.
Bubbles By Year: