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Goosenibs wrote on May 28, 2001
My Little girl and boy really enjoyed blowing bubbles in a garden more than 7 thousand miles away.Hope it doesnt damage your lawn!!
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Kel wrote on May 28, 2001
Wow! You have a great webcam! I included it in my little (less than 40 subscribers) newsletter that I send out to my family and friends of cool stuff on the Internet -- this easily qualifies as among the coolest of the cool. Thanks for your efforts -- this is a webcam I will visit regularly.
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Doug from Pennsylvania wrote on May 28, 2001
Bubbles, bubbles, ease my toil and troubles! I've had my share of original webcam ideas, but this topped them all, and had me giggling for 30 minutes! This is great! Hahahaha! Well done. I picture the CEO of some big corporation, sitting at his computer, blowing your web bubbles with a big grin on his face! "Hold all my calls Cindy! I'm extremely busy!" Hahaha!
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ZUZAN:GLASGOW,SCOTLAND wrote on May 26, 2001
"Great idea fun to see,maybe you can add some music will come back again thanks guys
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Ma wrote on May 25, 2001
School's out, so now I'm blowing bubbles. I just love this!
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Lauren wrote on May 24, 2001
I think ur cat is so cute...i wanna but my cat "Mr. Bigglesworth" on a web cam!
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Holger from Germany wrote on May 22, 2001
A very good idea! One of the best Webcam i ever seen. With a smile! Holger
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Geoff (from NZ) wrote on May 21, 2001
Will it impact the ozone layer??? Great idea, and good Karma for all I'm sure.
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Mary, Townsville, Qld, Australia. wrote on May 19, 2001
It's so sweet. Is it fair dinkum?
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mike from toronto wrote on May 17, 2001
thanks for fixing the machine guys,got any more fun fun ideals!!!! by all means e-mail me when you do "" bubbles up"" mike and the kids
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Gary Donegan wrote on May 17, 2001
pretty cool bubbles man! What is the point though?
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Anonymous wrote on May 16, 2001
This is unique. We have been thinking of a way to set up surviellance at our ministry house in the country to be able to see what is happing there and wasn't sure how to do it. It looks like you have the sollution. Thanks Prayer ps Visit our web site at
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Mike in SWEDEN wrote on May 16, 2001
Thank's for letting me using your bubble machine.
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Mark Welch wrote on May 15, 2001
Great idea for a webcam site. I would love to learn automation for my site. Great job. Keep going!! Never stop! Mark Welch from San Antonio, TX ..
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Dennis..........from Mississippi wrote on May 11, 2001
This is great! I have you bookmarked and I'll be back to make some more bubbles.
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Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! You have turned an ordinary day into something special... and made me giggle! The cat looks like he's having fun too David Purdy. London uk
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Scott...Florida wrote on May 10, 2001
Pretty strange,,,but a really fun and unique idea. Thanks!
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Donna wrote on May 8, 2001
Really cute
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Maxwell wrote on May 8, 2001
We blew bubbles. I am four years old. Thank you.
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Gary wrote on May 7, 2001
This was great fun! Tried it from Victoria, B.C. Canada. Thanks for having it.
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Rieka wrote on May 6, 2001
This is one great cam!! Keep up the good work! I know I will watch it more frequently!
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Andrew Beasley (England) wrote on May 6, 2001
Love the idea. It must be fun to sit and get a bubble or two drifting over you totaly randomly. Now all you need is someone to wash the windows with the bubbles!
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Jo wrote on May 2, 2001
This is the most "fun" web cam I have seen so far.
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KEVIN (CHICAGO) wrote on May 2, 2001
What a nice idea. Thank you for sharing it.
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Adam ( Edinburgh ) wrote on April 30, 2001
And I thought life was boring - u brightened up my evening
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